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Trip Policies

  1. Membership Qualification - All trip participants must be members in good standing of the Lincoln Park Ski Club for the current season.
  2. Price Changes - Any government, airline or bus line mandates for additional charges will be the responsibility of the trip participant. This includes any foreign currency fluctuations, future fuel surcharges, passenger facility charges, transportation taxes or airport pick up fees that take effect or that increase after the signing of this contract. Additional charges will be assessed accordingly and collected by the trip leader as an agent of the ski club. Baggage check and handling fees are the responsibility of the trip participant.
  3. Qualification - Trip participants to destinations outside of the United States must be in possession of a valid United States passport or valid travel documents from their native country.
  4. Trip Deviations - Lincoln Park Ski Club markets and sells this trip as-is. All trip deviations that are not included with the trip are the responsibility of the trip participant. This includes all costs and planning for additional flights, additional lodging, adding/subtracting days, additional ground transportation, meals and any other cost not included with the marketed ski trip. Showing up late at the airport is considered a trip deviation and may result in additional costs to the trip participant.
  5. Bedding - Bedding configurations for a trip are not guaranteed.
  6. Room Assignments - Lincoln Park Ski Club reserves the right to assign rooms and roommates at the discretion of the Trips Director and/or Trip Leader.
  7. Cancellation -
  • If a member alerts the LPSC that they cannot go on a trip, and wishes for the LPSC to find a replacement, the LPSC will alert the wait-list for the trip; if there is no one on the wait-list, or no one from the wait-list can go, LPSC will send one email to the mailing list that the spot is available. This trip can be re-sold as per the conditions of the LPSC contract with the tour operator.  Keeping in mind that each contract is unique, and some plane tickets are not transferable.  It is up to the member to alert the Trip Leader as soon as possible to try and find a re-fill spot.
  • Any unrecovered costs, penalties, losses or fees incurred by LPSC on behalf of that member that are a result of the members cancellation of a trip, will be the sole responsibility of the member.
  • Trip Refunds will be provided once the club can be assured that no financial burden will be incurred, by the club, related to the cancellation of that persons trip spot
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