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Lincoln Park Ski Club
Chicago's Premier Ski and Snowboard Club
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  • If a member alerts the LPSC that they cannot go on a trip, and wishes for the LPSC to find a replacement, the LPSC will alert the wait-list for the trip; if there is no one on the wait-list, or no one from the wait-list can go, LPSC will send one email to the mailing list that the spot is available. This trip can be re-sold as per the conditions of the LPSC contract with the tour operator.  Keeping in mind that each contract is unique, and some plane tickets are not transferable.  It is up to the member to alert the Trip Leader as soon as possible to try and find a re-fill spot.
  • Anunrecovered costspenaltieslosses or fees incurrebLPSC on behalf of thamember that are a result of thmembers cancellation of a tripwilbe the sole responsibility of thmember.
  • TriRefundwilbprovided once the club can be assured thano financiaburdewilbe incurredby the clubrelated to the cancellation of thapersons trip spot
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events